Refund and Return Policy


1.1. By using the website (hereinafter – ‘Website’) or mobile apps on the base of Android, Apple or any other base as well as through any-based mobile version of the Website, including but not limited to using an account on the Website, you agree to these Refund and Return Police of this Website (hereinafter – ‘Policy’). Please, read all terms of Policy carefully. If you do not agree to accept them, please, do not open an account and/or continue to use Website. Using of the Website will be considered as if you agreed and accept that Policy.

1.2. These Policy (together with Terms and Conditions of the Website) sets basic rules.

1.3. Since Joinforfun B.V. (hereinafter – ‘JoinForFun’) is offering gambling services, the refund is impossible once the payment is completed. All users are responsible for understanding of this.

1.4. Payments shall be made by credit cards and/or by other ways through payment systems that are accepted by JoinForFun’s payment services provider (Jumpdrive Limited) and its partner banks and/or payments systems. Payments are, therefore, subject to the approval of such financial institution/payment services provider and we shall not be liable in any way if such financial institution/payment services providers refuses to accept or honor the credit card for any reasons whatsoever. Furthermore, JoinForFun is not responsible for any surcharges made by Your credit card issuer and/or their partner banks.

1.5. In order to process Your reservation request, you are required to provide details of your credit card. Submission of Your request shall be considered to be final authorization by You and immediately, on your behalf, your credit card will be charged for full payment upon confirmation of your reservation and approve of credit card. A proof of purchase will be generated immediately when your confirmation is confirmed. We will not accept any other proof of purchase unless other specified in writing.

1.6. If there are any problems with your order or in the event of an incorrect charge on your credit card please check your proof of purchase that includes the payment services provider’s contact details or go to their home page. You may also email us at Please keep in mind when dealing with credit card transactions that JoinForFun and You are bound by the policies and procedures of the banks and credit card companies. Credits or adjustments, if due, will usually be made within three business days but please be aware that Your refund can take up to 7-10 days to appear on your account.


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