Why are you this way?

JoinForFun.com project is a place where you can fulfil any dream with a minimum of effort.

Dream of a cool smartphone, but can’t afford it? Sign in JoinForFun, get $ 1 free - and forward to the long-awaited purchase!

Tired of watching others making a successful business? It’s not a problem: play, win and run your own one!

Take a dip in the ocean, drinking cocktails with exotic fruit? Place your bets every day, participate in weekly and monthly drawings - and choose a ticket!

Your "iron horse" does not seem to be a real friend for you, and there is no enough money for the new one? Invite your friends, earn points, win and buy a new car!

Play where you want: on your computer or tablet, but also you can download the mobile app for iOs and Android. Everyone who is 18 already can take part in the game. If necessary, we may ask you to show any proof of age. Unfortunately, we do not accept bets from US players, France, the Netherlands, the Dutch Caribbean islands Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. No matter what kind of internet connection you have or how much free time you have. Just put a bet: if you win, the system will notify you of the amount won by e-mail or SMS. All drawings are divided into daily, weekly and monthly. In case of technical failure, because of which the drawing will not be carried out, all funds will be returned to the players.

Registration process

The registration process does not take a lot of time: press, "Join!", enter your details, read the rules, enter the confirmation code or follow the link from the received at e-mail letters to fill in the profile. Also, do not forget to enter the mobile phone to confirm actions on the site! It will additionally protect your account from hackers.

If you have any technical problems or other questions, you can always contact customer service at: support@joinforfun.com. In addition, you have the opportunity to register online through the accounts in social networks. JoinForFun guarantees confidentiality: we do not publish the information in the accounts of our users without their consent. After registering as a new participant in the system, you will receive a unique ID.

How to take part in the drawing lottery?

As a bonus for registration, each participant will receive $ 1 for his or her first bet. Continuing the game is simple: fill up your player's account in any convenient way for at least $ 1 and bet. Please note that some payment systems charge their own fee when funding. Unfortunately, we cannot influence it, but especially for you we have prepared several ways to fund your account with no commission.


Payment tools (e-wallet or bankcard) which you use to make a deposit must belong to you, the bets from foreign payment cards and accounts are not accepted. To protect your account and your winnings from intruders, we reserve the right to ask for any identification document for verification.

Pressing the button "win" or "participate", you get a number of your participation in the lottery, which is displayed in your account.

If you have played 7 games and once place a bet equal to7 daily bets (for example, $ 7), you will automatically become a member of the weekly lottery jackpot.

If you have played 30 games or place a one-time bet of 30 daily bets (for example, $ 30), you become a member of the monthly draw.

The minimal daily bet - $ 1. Drawings take place automatically once a day by Moscow standard time (the time remaining before the drawing is indicated on the website and in the user's office). The time can be shifted up or down, depending on the number of active players in a given time zone, it does not affect the benefits and results of drawings.

Why is $1?

Bet and the number of daily rates are deliberately limited in order that everyone had the equal opportunity to participate and win. Every day we give away up to 65% of the bets from the rest of the generated weekly and monthly prize pools. In addition, we regularly hold public lotteries in which the draw takes place of 100% of the bets of the day. You can also perform tasks or bring friends, getting bonuses for free participation and funding your own "bank". Number of friends, as well as a number of bonuses for them is unlimited. An invited friend who placed bet is $1 for your future games..

How the winner is chosen?

The Swiss random number generator determines the winners of the draw. How does it work? Before the start of the drawing the system stops accepting bets, and all the players can see the amount that will be played and the number of future winners. The result of calculation will be a "number of participation", which was obtained by one or another player. We can set a specific number of winners, thereafter; the number of potential winners divides the amount of jackpot drawing. In other case, every n-th player wins (every second or every seventh, etc.). Information about the winners and their participation numbers is displayed on the site; also users will be notified about the winning via e-mail and SMS. Those who use mobile applications, receive Push notifications. The system administrator fixes the number of winners for each day of the week. For example, on Monday every third player wins, on Tuesday every tenth, on Wednesday every hundredth participant. The number of winners can be edited by the system administrator, depending on the performance of marketing, but before the next month starts, so that all the bets that were made before, are played.


According to the results of the lottery winners receive all the won sum to their account and notification of winning on the e-mail or a mobile phone. Minimal sum of the withdrawal order is $5 (does not apply to bonus dollar at registration or other invitations). At any time you can withdraw your money or continue to bet.

Key point!

Transactions is possible only on verified accounts. You can carry withdrawal only on the account from which the balance was replenished. If there is any problem or you need to change your billing account information for withdrawal of funds - address the administration site support@joinforfun.com

Duplicate accounts are prohibited; they will be blocked for security reasons and in the interests of the players. Funds for the duplicate account will be frozen, and subsequently will be written off against Joinforfun players. If the player forgot/lost password or username, we will restore after the verification of the user.

Refunds to the backup account can be taken up and carried out only at the request of the legitimate account holder after further testing and before the drawing, if the rates were made, the funds are non-refundable. The tax liability for the gain received in each country is on the person who received the prize. We do not inform the tax authorities or other jurisdictions players about sums of prize and a winner.



The site administration reserves the right to transfer all the money not won by the players in some or other drawings in a variety of charitable funds (rescue animals or help victims of natural disasters), about that the players will be informed in advance. We also accept opinions and suggestions from the players on providing targeted financial support. If you know who needs help, let us give a hand together. Your wishes can be sent to: support@joinforfun.com

JoinForFun – Play and enjoy!

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